Set of Sugar Paste POT 500g Wooden Spatula & Fleece Strips Body Face wax


1x Sugar Paste POT 500g

100x Wooden spatula

100x Fleece strips

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The sugar paste does not stick to the skin, but only the hair glue, which couse reduces pain (does not irritate the epidermis). Cold paste also excludes burns or skin irritation. Depilation with sugar paste can be carried out even when the hairs are very short (1-2 millimeters). This allows you to delete them without waiting until they grow up. The paste residue is washed off with warm water, without rubbing the skin. This method of depilation also does not require the use of chemical substances needed to cleanse the skin, such as synthetic wax for depilation. 

How to use:

The epilation should be started by placing the bowl with the paste in a hot water bath. While the paste is going to dissolve, prepare thin stripes of material you will need to peel off the paste. When the paste completely dissolves, make sure it is not too hot and then take a small amount of it with a wooden or plastic spatula.
Distribute the paste on the selected body part. 
It is best to lubricate the paste with small areas of the body, just drag the spatula with the paste to form a small rectangle. 
He then glues the material strap, iron it gently with his fingers and break it vigorously. Other remnants of the paste can also be removed by gently stripping the material.