Depilatory Hot Wax Pot Professional Waxing Face Leg Body Hair Removal Honey 400g


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Depilatory Hot Wax from Blue Rose Shop is perfect to waxing large areas like legs, arms and back and small areas like face. 

Also is suitable for all type of skin and hairs. Ideal for beauty salon, mobile therapist and home use. 

High quality Wax provides to quick and easy hair removal from your body and leaves sensational looking skin. 

Professional Waxing System

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Tips for waxing

1. Hair should be between 0.5-1.0 cm is about 1.5 to 2 weeks venturing hair, although it largely depends on individual predispositions. If the hair is very long you should cut it, because during the picking will be further pull. If the hairs are too short then some of them will not be torn.

2. The most common poblem after waxing are irritation and redness of the skin but the most troublesome are ingrown hairs and folliculitis. After waxing rub into the skin preparations against ingrown hairs and retard their growth. They are effective, but only if you use them regularly twice a day. 

3.The use of strips of fleece ensures high effectiveness of hair removal without skin irritation. 
Wax perfectly glued to the strips of fleece, so that the depilation is uniform and effective even for hard and strong hairs. We will not achieve this effect when using paper strips. 

4.Preheat the depilated areas. Take a warm (not hot) shower just before waxing, apply a warm compress to the skin. It will open the pores and make the hair will give easier to remove.