Silcare NAPPA Pedicure Systems 30% Cream - cracked heels therapy cream with 30% urea content, 250 ml


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Silcare NAPPA Pedicure Systems 30% Cream, 250ml

Energy, Vitality and Beauty for your Feet!

Silcare NAPPA 30% cream pedicure systems, foot cream with urea - this unique cream is a perfect proposition for people who are struggling with problems with keratinized epidermis. The product thanks to the content of concentrated urea exfoliates effectively, effectively removing dead skin cells. In addition, it prevents dehydration of the skin, and thus counteracts drying and cracking of the heels. Thanks to the active formula enriched with vitamins and minerals, the cream has a strong remedial action.


✔️ Healthy and beautiful skin of the feet
✔️ Forget about unpleasant corn
✔️ Forget about the calloused epidermis
✔️ Forget about the cracking heels
✔️ ️Prevents the skin from drying out

Fight for the health and beautiful skin of your feet.

Active Ingredients - Urea

Healthy and beautiful skin of the feet. Forget about unpleasant corn, callous epidermis or cracking heels.
Nappa cream thanks to the concentrated urea content will quickly change the look of your feet, restoring their energy, vitality and beauty.

Urea is a unique, fully natural product that prevents skin drying and heel cracking. The cream helps to get rid of dead skin, at the same time strongly nurturing the young skin, providing it with the ingredients necessary for regeneration.

How to use:

Apply the cream on cleansed and dried skin of the feet. In order to intensify the effect, apply a thick layer of cream for the night and protect the feet with cotton socks.


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