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Lime Mask with exfoliating glycolic acid, moisturizing and softening epidermis, and extract of flax, lime and mimosa. The product effectively increases hydration, soothes and perfectly smooth the skin of the feet.

Indications: For dry, rough, calloused skin on the feet.
Capacity: 500ml
Efficient: 20-25 Treatments

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Active Ingridients:

Glycolic acid - It has strong exfoliating properties. It weakens bonds between keratinocytes, thanks to which it reduces the thickness of the overgrowth of the stratum corneum.

Urea - deeply moisturizes and prevents excessive loss of moisture. Perfectly softens callous epidermis.

Luminum Extract has softening and soothing properties.

Lime extract - gently brightens epidermal discoloration, tones, refreshes and cleanses.

Mimosa extract - effectively delays the aging process of the skin, has strong moisturizing properties and strengthens the capillaries of the skin. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, visibly reducing redness and swelling.

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