Paraffin for beauty

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If you want to have a beautiful and always looking young skin , you should take care of it adequately. Paraffin is very helpful in achieving this goal.

Sugar Paste Waxing

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Using the sugar paste is one of the most natural ways of depilation. The paste is usually a mixture of sugar, lemon juice and a little water. - These simple ingredients create a viscous mass, that effectively extracts unwanted hair along with the bulbs.

Bye Cellulite !

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Cellulite, often named an "orange skin" is a typically female problem of adipose tissue, water and metabolic products. In this way, swelling occurs, disrupting the functioning of neighboring connective tissues and disrupting the circulation of blood and lymph.

How to adjust the henna color properly.

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Graphite or gray henna - It is great for women, who have platinum blonde or pigeon hair.

A few words about henna

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Henna is used to paint the skin for a very long time. In ancient Egypt, it was made for decoration the bodies of the pharaohs, Masai warriors used it for to emphasize status in the tribe and in the medieval period Indi decorated with henna patterns married women for distinguish them from entrained virgins. Currently due on its three-week durability, these paintings are called henna tattoos.
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