After Wax Oil 250ml


Very effective oil help to moisturise calm and soothe the treatment area

- 250 ml
- Neutral odour
- Easy to Use
- Pain relief
- Ideal for beauty salon, mobile therapist and home use.

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Tips for waxing

- Hair should be between 0.5-1.0 cm is about 1.5 to 2 weeks venturing hair,
  although it largely depends on individual predispositions.
   If the hair is very long you should cut it, because during the picking will be further pull. 
   If the hairs are too short then some of them will not be torn.

What can I do to my hair grew into not?

- To avoid ingrown hairs should be used peels 2 times a week and use a rough sponge while bathing.
  The skin should be regularly moisturize the construction site depilowanym 
  to do not allow dehydration of the skin that promotes ingrown hairs.

What are the recommendations after waxing?

- In order to alleviate the irritation you can use the preparation of accelerating skin regeneration - 3 days after the surgery should not sunbathe
- 3 days you can not swim in the pool
- 3 days you can not use the sauna 
- on epilation is not recommended for bathing in hot water

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